The NSS unit was established in the college during the year 1975-76 with 100 volunteers to inculcate the social consciousness and to improve social responsibility among the volunteers. It has been active ever since its inception in matters of social and community service and rural reconstruction activities and won laurels from all quarters. A perusal of various programmes organised by the Lal Bahadur College during these years would enable to understand how the changing concept of function of education from mere dissemination of the theoretical knowledge to the assumption of responsibilities for socio-economic development of the society has sensitized the volunteers as to the realities around the campus. The volunteers actively participate in constructive and productive community programmes. At present the college has three NSS units with 300 volunteers under the guidance of three Programme Officers.

Programmes conducted by the NSS Units

The main intension of NSS Programmes is to change the attitude of volunteers through various activities within the institution and society. The NSS Programme Officers conduct the following programmes to impart life skills education to the volunteers

1. Regular activities:

These activities are conducted within the institution. Apart from Swachhbharat, Sramadanam, Plantation, Blood Donation and AIDS Awareness programmes, other regular activities as per the academic background of the volunteers such as communication skills, career counselling, placement information, legal awareness, global warming, supporting to Government programmes, Health and Hygiene.

2. Special Camping Programmes:

The college NSS Units organise Special camps every year. The prime aim of the special camp is that volunteers should become good citizens by learning the life skills in the Special camping programme. They have to learn friendly and adjusting attitude, tolerance, dignity of labour, significance of health, inherent skills importance, communication skills, leadership qualities, personal discipline, society concern etc.

3. Other Programmes:

Apart from regular activities and special camping programmes, some specially designed programmes are in practice for exposure of the volunteers. The Programme Officers identify the talented, disciplined and skilled volunteers and depute them for University, State, National and International programmes like Youth festivals, Mega Camps, Workshops, Republic Day Parades, International level Youth Cultural Exchange programmes.

S.Sateesh Kumar Convener
D.Ratnakar Member
P.V.Harini Member
J.Sujatha Member
V.Madhukar Rao Member
K.Nagesh Unit- I
P.Vishnu Murthy Unit- II
S.Lalitha Unit- III